Visit (Koiné vol.V) Accompaniment Tracks


Accompaniment tracks for Koine Vol IV – Visit

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Based on the German idea that worship is a “Visit” with God, Koiné highlights a number of hymn writers that have “visited” with God through their creative work by singing the conversation of the Church. Koiné explores this musical space with 18 new tracks marveling at God’s majesty when we desire to “Visit” Him in His house.


  1. Just As I Am, without One Plea (Album Version) [Instrumental].mp3
  2. Lord, to You I Make Confession [Instrumental].mp3
  3. Now Thank We All Our God [Instrumental].mp3
  4. How Blest Are They Who Hear [Instrumental].mp3
  5. Psalm 50 [Instrumental].mp3
  6. Renew Me, O Eternal Light [Instrumental].mp3
  7. Forgive Our Sins as We Forgive [Instrumental].mp3
  8. Angels from the Realms of Glory [Instrumental].mp3
  9. Christ Jesus Lay in Death’s Strong Bands [Instrumental].mp3
  10. In Christ Alone [Instrumental].mp3
  11. Lord You Love the Cheerful Giver [Instrumental].mp3
  12. Sanctus (Holy, Holy, Holy) [Instrumental].mp3
  13. Verba (Words of Institution) [Instrumental].mp3
  14. Agnus Dei (Lamb of God) [Instrumental].mp3
  15. Blessed Jesus, Living Bread [Instrumental].mp3
  16. Nunc Dimittis (Song of Simeon) [Instrumental].mp3
  17. Lord’s Prayer (Album Version) [Instrumental].mp3
  18. When in Our Music God Is Glorified [Instrumental].mp3
  19. Invocation [Instrumental].mp3
  20. Just As I Am, without One Plea (No Invocation) [Instrumental].mp3
  21. Lord’s Prayer (Part 1 Prayer of the Bride) [Instrumental].mp3
  22. Lord’s Prayer (Part 2) [Instrumental].mp3


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