Common Language. Common People. Extraordinary Message.

It’s nothing new in Christian music for traditional songs to be re-shaped by the influences of culture and time. But perhaps it’s the way Koiné is combining century-old hymns with a modern accompaniment that is causing people everywhere to take notice of what some in Milwaukee have known for years. Imagine a 1200 year old text and a 600 year old melody, married with a Les Paul, Steinway piano, drums and electric bass. With their arrangements, Koiné strives to find a unique balance between the familiarity of the classic hymn melodies and the raw instrumentation of the new arrangements.

Originally formed in 2003 as a worship band, Koiné quickly began to gain a grassroots following as requests for appearances and sales of their first album, Koiné (Self-Titled) started to roll in.

Local events turned into regional tours. Regional tours turned into trips overseas. Part-time hobby turned into full-time ministry in 2008. Much of their music has a welcome home in traditional worship, but with a modern sound that anyone can identify with.

Koiné (Self-Titled), Gesangbuch, Church Bells, The Vine, Visit, Cross Heart Rose Sky Ring, Emmanuel Lux, and Anno Domini are available for download on iTunes and all major digital distributors, with CDs available from our online store.

Interesting Koiné Facts:

  • From 2008 – 2018, Koiné was a full-time band. It’s members had no other jobs, with music sales and touring becoming their only source of income.
  • In 2010, Koiné performed over 200 times across the United States, leading worship, performing concerts, and offering “Special Services.” These Special Services combine Scriptural narration, music, and multimedia to present Biblical stories in a whole new musical format. The popularity of these presentations has grown to include 5 different Christmas presentations, a Lenten, a Tenebrae, an Easter presentation and Visit Illuminated.
  • Koiné was recognized by the Wisconsin Area Music Industry as Christian/Gospel Artist of the year in 2013 & 2016.
  • In 2015, Koiné traveled to Plzen, Czech Republic to assist with music for Vacation Bible for St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran.
  • In 2016, Koiné traveled to Israel to provide music for a tour of The Holy Land. Highlights of the trip included playing music for a worship service while floating across The Sea of Galilee, an acoustic musical service at the garden tomb, and a concert overlooking the Mediterranean Sea in Tel Aviv.
  • Koiné began creating resources for Christians to use all over the world to enhance their own worship opportunities in 2018. This library continues to grow today. Check them out for yourself at koineworshipmedia.com.