St. Marcus Evening Worship

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We spend our lives searching for answers, looking for a purpose or struggling to find our identity. What we may not realize is the identity we struggle to find, can only be found in Christ. He's gone to great lengths to draw us to Himself so that our lives may be transformed and lived for his purpose.

It may seem more like a tagline than a mission statement, but it pretty much sums it up. He made you Alive for a Purpose, HIS purpose, and we want to help you live it out every day (Ephesians 2).

LIVEIT is seeing Christ, following Christ and living each day intentionally with Christ. No more searching. My identity is found in Christ.

LIVEIT is revealing who Christ is and what He has done for us through new and engaging worship experiences.

LIVEIT goes beyond worship on Sundays. It’s about living “church” in our community.

LIVEIT is purposefully reading his Word with meaning for our daily life!

LIVEIT is working as though Christ were our boss, that others may witness Christ's love in our work, and glorify him.

LIVEIT is being intentional in our relationships to reveal our love for Christ as we love those He has placed in our lives.

LIVEIT is giving generously what He has given us, that others may see the abundance of God through us.

LIVEIT is living Christ!

We hope you can join us as we begin this exciting journey of LIVEIT | Your Life, His Purpose.

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Koiné assists in worship at three locations in the Greater Milwaukee Area, St. Marcus Lutheran Church - LiveIt, in Milwaukee, St. John's Lutheran in Lannon, and Mount Calvary Lutheran Church in Waukesha. Check the schedule to find out when and where Koiné will be next.

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