All glory be to God alone,
Forevermore the highest one,
Who did our sinful race befriend
And grace and peace to us extend.
Among mankind may his good will
All hearts with deep thanksgiving fill.

We praise you, God, and you we bless;
We worship you in humbleness;
From day to day we glorify
The everlasting God on high.
Of your great glory do we sing,
And to your throne our thanks we bring.

Lord God, our King on heaven's throne,
Our Father, the Almighty One;
O Lord, the Sole-begotten One,
Lord Jesus Christ, the Father's Son,
True God from all eternity,
O Lamb of God -- to you we flee.

You take the whole world's sin away;
Have mercy on us, Lord, we pray.
You take the whole world's sin away;
Oh, listen to the prayer we say.
From God's right hand, oh, send today
Your mercy on us, Lord, we pray.

You only are the Holy One;
O'er all things you are Lord alone.
O Jesus Christ, we glorify
You and the Spirit, Lord most high;
With him you evermore shall be
One in the Father's majesty.

*Text: c 1941 Concordia Publishing House. Used by permission of CPH. Tune: public domain. *Setting: c 1990 Ronald L. Shilling. Used by permission.