Our Father, who from heav'n above
Bids all of us to live in love
As members of one family
And pray to you in unity,
Teach us no thoughtless words to say,
But from our inmost hearts to pray.

Your name be hallowed. Help us, Lord,
In purity to keep your Word,
That to the glory of your name
We walk before you free from blame.
Let no false doctrine us pervert;
All poor, deluded souls convert.

Your kingdom come, we humbly pray,
That Christ may rule in us today
And that your Holy Spirit bring
Still more to worship Christ as King.
Break Satan's pow'r, defeat his rage;
Preserve your Church from age to age.

Your gracious will on earth be done
Just as in heav'n around your throne,
That patiently we may obey
Throughout our lives all that you say.
Curb sinful flesh and ev'ry ill
That sets itself against your will.

Give us today our daily bread,
And let us all be clothed and fed.
From hardship, war, and earthly strife,
From sickness, famine, spare our life.
Let selfishness and worry cease
That we may live in godly peace.

Forgive our sins, Lord, we implore,
That they may trouble us no more;
We, too, will gladly those forgive
Who hurt us by the way they live.
Help us in our community
To serve each other willingly.

Into temptation lead us not.
When evil foes against us plot
And vex our souls on ev'ry hand,
Oh, give us strength that we may stand
Firm in the faith, a mighty host,
Through comfort of the Holy Ghost.

From evil, Lord, deliver us;
The times and days are perilous.
Redeem us from eternal death,
And, when we yield our dying breath,
Console us, grant us calm release,
And take our souls to you in peace.

Amen, that is, it shall be so.
Make strong our faith that we may know
That we may doubt not but believe
What here we ask we shall receive.
Thus in your name and at your Word
We say, "Amen. Oh, hear us, Lord!"

Text, Tune, Setting: public domain.