Blessed Jesus, living Bread,
By your self our souls are fed:
Give us all the eyes to see
All that you were sent to be.

“What is it?” old Israel cried,
Ate it, and was satisfied.
Now the same prolific hand
Feeds them in a barren land.

Not by this world’s bread alone
Can our life become full-grown,
But by every word that goes
From the mouth of God one grows.

On that table made of wood
Lies our sacramental food:
“Take and eat and live” you call,
“Here is life for each and all!”

Ah, what welcome words you speak:
Comfort to revive the weak,
God’s own wisdom, hope, and cheer
Starving souls are blest to hear.

Word incarnate, Word divine,
Word that comes in bread and wine:
Love that we have come to know:
Lord, to whom else shall we go?

We are in that crowd you fed
With your blest, abundant Bread.
Moved by every human care
Bless the Bread we eat and share.

Text: Jaroslav J. Vajda, b. 1919
Tune: Traditional