• It’s amazing how words written 500 years ago can have just as much meaning and purpose for us today as it did for the people back then. Martin Luther was a scholar, but he was also an artist, and he cared very deeply about common people like you and me. Luther longed for a peace from the thought that he needed to “earn” his salvation in some way, and he found that peace clearly written in God’s Word. From that point on, he wanted everyone to know, especially the common folk, that all are saved by God's grace alone, by faith alone which itself is a gift from God, and this truth is found in God's Word alone in all it's truth and purity. The artist in Luther knew that to get that message out to common people, he needed to speak their language, and one of the best ways to do it would be through music . . . and this idea still holds true today.

    CROSS HEART ROSE SKY RING is a journey through Luther’s words and works in a modern setting for the common people of today to hear, maybe again, for the first time.

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    Feb 2
    Crete, IL

    Feb 14
    Milwaukee, WI

    Feb 20
    St. Joseph, MI

    Feb 22
    Jackson, WI

    Feb 23
    Manitiwoc, WI

    Feb 25
    Norfolk, NE

    Feb 26
    Highlands Ranch, CO

    Feb 27
    Thorton, CO

    Mar 1
    Wildomar, CA

    Mar 1
    North Hollywood, CA

    Mar 2
    Riverside, CA

    Mar 3
    San Diego, CA

    Mar 4
    Tucson, AZ

    Mar 5
    Phoenix, AZ

    Mar 6
    Phoenix, AZ

    Mar 8
    Lubbock, TX

    Mar 9
    Manhattan, KS

    Mar 23
    Lake Mils, WI

    Here are a few suggestions to help you to use these promotional materials to their fullest. Over the years, we've seen many congregations use these special events as an opportunity for community outreach, and to celebreate in fellowship with their church family. While it's not our intention to tell anyone what they should do, we want to be of service to the church. If you have any questions or would like any further assistance, please don't hesitate to


    • We suggest haveing the posters printed professionally. Perhaps you can go to a Kinko's nearby and have them printed off full color fairly inexpensively. Maybe you have a member of your congregation that has access to a color printer and can print them for free? Either way, from our experience, full color, high quality posters bring the most engagement, because they catch the eye and invite people to read them. This makes it more likely they will attend the event.
    • Put posters up around your church or school. Many places have designated bulletin boards where posters usually go. This is great! We also suggest a week or two before the concert, putting posters on the doors entering or exiting the building. People can't help but notice as they enter or exit.
    • Placing posters around town.Could you put together an outreach team to put up posters in coffee shops, at grocery stores, Christian book stores, etc. to increace the likelyhood of the community attending the event? Events like these are a great outreach opprotunity. Be sure to have staff and members on the lookout for "visitors" before and after the event to invite them to attend a future service.

    Bulletin Inserts

    • Put bulletin inserts into the bulletins 1 month to a few weeks before the event.
    • Also, be sure to tell the congregation to invite friends in the announcements. Being asked to visit a chruch with someone you know and trust is perhaps the most effective form of outreach.


    • If you use a projector in your congregation or have a digital billboard, you can include the video, even without audio, if you have to.
    • Post the video to Facebook, YouTube, or embed on your website.

    Video Slides

    • If you have a projector in your church or use some form of digital billboard, include the promotional slide in the rotation.
    • If you run slides for announcements before and after church, include the promotional slide.
    • Use the slide on your Facebook, on your website, or in your church email to inform your people about the event.