Cross Heart Rose Sky Ring

It’s amazing how words written 500 years ago can have just as much meaning and purpose for us today as it did for the people back then. Martin Luther was a scholar, but he was also an artist, and he cared very deeply about common people like you and me. Luther longed for a peace from the thought that he needed to “earn” his salvation in some way, and he found that peace clearly written in God’s Word. From that point on, he wanted everyone to know, especially the common folk, that all are saved by God's grace alone, by faith alone which itself is a gift from God, and this truth is found in God's Word alone in all it's truth and purity. The artist in Luther knew that to get that message out to common people, he needed to speak their language, and one of the best ways to do it would be through music . . . and this idea still holds true today.

CROSS HEART ROSE SKY RING is a journey through Luther’s words and works in a modern setting for the common people of today to hear, maybe again, for the first time.

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Passover Sunrise - Art by Jason Jaspersen

We're excited to be working again with artist Jason Jaspersen on a lyric video for a new original song, Passover Sunrise. Here's a little information from the artist on the creation of this video.

It's an honor to once again provide visuals for a lovely Koiné song.  You may have seen my sand animations for "A Son Emmanuel" or various other Koiné songs.  This time I approached the sequence with acrylic paint and a motion capture camera.  When my hands entered the frame, the camera began recording.  This resulted in a large collection of short video clips.  I edited them together in episodes according to the lyrics.  Then each episode was sped up to match the time required for a set of lyrics.

January 2017 Tour

Koiné is planning a tour for January 2017 to Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Tenesee, Alabama, and Florida. Do you live in one of those states and want us to visit you? Let us know. If you have a serious request, drop us a line and reserve your date today!

WELS Day with the Milwaukee Bucks

Come and support Brian Davison as he sings the National Anthem, Saturday, December 3rd at 4pm for WELS DAY WITH THE BUCKS!

Join your WELS family for an afternoon of fun and fellowship at the inaugural WELS DAY WITH THE BUCKS! WELS family and friends are invited to arrive early and watch pregame warm-ups from some of the best seats in the house! Following the game, all kids will have the opportunity to shoot a free throw on the Bucks court!


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