Brian Davison

brian-davisonLead Vocals

Brian's sisters will tell you that he never stopped singing when he was a child...never. In his room, in the shower, in the car, feeding the cows, driving the tractor...always singing...and usually at the top of his lungs! How terribly annoying that must have been, but how amazing is our God that he took that terribly annoying trait and used it for the good of his church. :) Brian says, "Music is a gift from God, and to create music for the Lord for a living is a privilege and an honor."

Brian married his wife, Stacey, in June of 2006, and they have two boys, Oliver and Tyson. They now live in Jackson, WI, just north of Milwaukee.

Brian was a Staff Minister at St. Marcus in Milwaukee until June of 2009, when Koine became a full-time ministry of its own. Brian graduated from Wisconsin Lutheran College in Milwaukee back in 2000, and also received certification for Staff Ministry from Martin Luther College in New Ulm, MN in 2003.

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