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December 26, 2014
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Koiné in worship.

Koiné concerts and special events.

Lent offers us the opportunity to walk along side Jesus from his Glory revealed when he was transfigured to his glory hidden when he was disfigured and nailed to the cross. Though the season may make us blue, its purpose is to have us long for that first glimpse of life on Easter morning. As we trudge through the dead faith and decay of blind scoffing, sleepy disciples, a betraying friend, and brutal abuse, we know Jesus’ went through all of it for us that we might be grafted into the Vine that sprouted from the empty tomb.

Koiné for the first time in its 9 years at St Marcus will have the pleasure of playing all three of its Lent/Easter services on the St Marcus campus, however, additional dates and locations for many of the services will be also be presented. Please check the schedule for details.

The first is Footsteps to the Cross which highlights the walk of Jesus from the Mount of Transfiguration to Mt Calvary. This service reveals an intimate conversation with Jesus and his followers as he makes his way to the foot of the cross. Tenebrae picks up right where Footsteps ended highlighting the final 7 words of Jesus on the Cross and finally The Vine details the triumphant resurrection and new growth as Jesus conquers death and draws each of us closer to him.

Koiné presents Footsteps to the Cross, the story of Christ from the Mount of Transfiguration to Mount Cavalry told through scriptural narration, music, and multimedia.

Remeber the tremendous sacrifice of our Savior, Jesus Christ through Tenebrae, Koine's Good Friday Service. This service weaves scriptural narration, music, and multimedia.


LIVEIT - Your Life, His Purpose!
A Ministry of St Marcus

It may seem more like a tagline than a mission statement, but it pretty much sums it up. He made you Alive for a Purpose, HIS purpose, and we want to help you live it out every day. - Eph. 2.

Too often, we spend our lives searching for answers, looking for purpose or struggling to find our identity. No more. Christ has given us a purpose, an identity and a life with Him. He has gone to great lengths to draw us to Himself, so that our lives may be transformed into lives purposefully lived for Him! It’s because He loves us that we have purpose!

Christmas is a Homecoming

Journey with Old Testament Israel as they long for the coming Messiah. Travel from their home in the Promised Land through the Babylonian captivity up to the manger in Bethlehem hearing the promises of God's grace in song. Sing with Koiné as the Scriptures reveal the child in the manger as the one who welcomes us into a heavenly home. This service is presented through a combination of scriptural narration, music and multimedia.

Christmas is Forgiving

To understand what it really means to give a gift, one needs to see what God has given first. Marvel at the gifts God has given to us as we start at Creation and journey through Old Testament history to the manger. Listen to the promise of a "Gift" given to Adam and Eve after the fall into sin and rejoice in the birth of this "gift", Jesus, as he offers his life for the sins of the world. This service is presented through a combination of scriptural narration, music and multimedia.

A Son

God's promise to rescue mankind from the burden of sin was "a Son." Eve learned the sad effects of sin when her firstborn son, Cain, didn't bring life but rather death. Yet when the time had fully come, God sent "a Son", his Son, to be born of the Virgin Mary. Listen to the angels as they bring the message of "a Son." This service is presented through a combination of scriptural narration, music and multimedia.


Jesus said that in the end, it will be like it was in the days of Noah. Gather in the ark of the church as we prepare for Jesus' second coming by recalling his first. During this Advent service, follow the thread of God's promise from Noah, to Mary, to today. Witness the birth of our Savior utilizing music, media, and the wonderful Christmas message. Learn from the words of Scripture that we are "Prepared." This service is presented through a combination of scriptural narration, music and multimedia.

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